Grenada: Family Not Pleased With Poor Health Care At Hospital

Last weekend a child died due to burns over 90% of his body, making it 1st degree burns sustained from ‘bursting bamboo’ with his friend, in close proximity of his home.

According to a reliable source, it was around the time that persons celebrate the traditional All Saints/All Souls event on the island. Many persons, mainly the younger generation usually gather with friends and sometimes family members to enjoy bamboo bursting.

However, it was unfortunate that on that day, three friends were engaged in this festive activity when one of them became engulfed in flames.

The source hinted that instead of using kerosene (which is what they normally use) on that fateful day the children mixed the kerosene with gasoline, not aware of the danger they are putting themselves in. While proceeding with their bamboo bursting, a rush of flames backfired and set Zyheem on fire.

Ten-year-old Zyheem Vincent, a student of the St. Peters R.C. School suffered major burns to his entire body. He was immediately rushed to the General Hospital.

Family members of young Zyheem are not pleased with the response of the hospital in terms of medical supplies. To them the facility is not prepared to deal with situations such as his.

They said the medication that was needed at the time was not available at the General Hospital, so they had to bear the cost of over $5000 to source it for the burn victim.

After spending a week at the General Hospital, Zyheem sadly succumbed to his injuries on Saturday 7th November, the day he was scheduled to travel to seek more advanced medical treatment since nothing much could have been done on the island. The family now mourns the loss of someone who was close and dear to them and will be missed by many.

The Grenada Informer.

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