Facilitating freedom of movement across the Caribbean during crisis

My Caribbean Jobs announces its commitment to helping people throughout the Caribbean find employment as we try to recover from the social and economic impacts of COVID-19. It was developed to help job seekers make their next career move, and employers fill their roles with the very best candidates. Director of Sales, Paul Hinds expressed that “Amid recent developments, we understand that many people are struggling to find work and our agency offers a comprehensive, high quality job board covering multiple Caribbean territories.”

The platform is a recruitment goldmine for employers, using cutting-edge technology, convenient tools, and the lowest rates available to make online recruiting as smooth and easy as online shopping. The ethos behind it is also in supporting CARICOM’s goal of facilitating the free movement of skilled labour across the Caribbean by bringing job seekers and recruiters together. This then serves to promote labour market integration globally.

My Caribbean Job offers an expansive audience through their rapidly growing Talent Database with thousands of registered profiles of suitably qualified job seekers. “We understand that in these challenging times, finding the best talent is important and saving while increasing productivity are fundamental.”

The 30-Day Free Trial is now Available to Recruiters 

We offer a range of executive search and staffing solutions no matter the size or nature of your business. When you advertise a job in the Caribbean with us, you know that the ideal recruit is just around the corner. Our dedicated team offers 24/7 support and uses the latest search technology to match recruiters with quality candidates in a timely, friendly, and professional manner. Employers can also sign up for a 30-day free trial which offers access to our recruitment system and can list their career opportunities while shortlisting candidates through their filtered questions

Whether you are a local employer already in the Caribbean or an international client looking to recruit staff in any of the Caribbean nations, My Caribbean Jobs has a viable solution. “We understand the challenges you may face when recruiting in the Caribbean and will use our years of experience to fill your role quickly and accurately.”


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