Cuba: New Migration Measures will Support Cubans Abroad

The new migratory measure allowing Cubans abroad on a temporary basis to return to Cuba on an expired passport was announced Monday by Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex).

To continue favoring the return of Cubans outside of the national territory, based on the situation imposed by COVID-19, is the purpose of the most recent measure announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, declared Ernesto Soberón Guzmán, director-general of Consular Affairs and Cubans Residing Abroad of Minrex.

The provision, which allows for nationals residing in the country to return to Cuba in an exceptional manner with their expired passports and without having requested an extension, adds to other measures adopted previously that “support our nationals abroad, taking into account the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 at the international level, and in our country in particular,” he said.

According to Soberón Guzmán, with the reopening of the José Martí International Airport, the main port of entry for international travelers to Cuba, new opportunities are opened for the return of Cubans abroad, “which will happen gradually depending on the reestablishment of the different flight frequencies.”

“As a rule, under normal conditions, these people travel abroad with a planned trip, meaning a limited period of time, a return ticket, which allows them to carry out the procedures related to their passport in Cuba.”

However, he explained, given their prolonged stay abroad, beyond what was planned, “these persons and their relatives were forced to make expenses that initially were not planned, linked to their stay in the countries where they are, all of which is taken into account at the time of making the decisions that have been systematically announced.”

“#NOW | It has been decided that Cuban citizens residing in the national territory who are abroad at the time of this announcement may return to #Cuba���� with their expired passport and without extending it.”

During the press conference, the diplomat reiterated that the measure would be in force until further notice, with the understanding that it is obviously required to evaluate how the international and Cuban epidemiological situations evolve.

“The corresponding authorities in our country are updating the information that appears in the Traveler’s Information Manual (TIM) with the aim of informing all the airlines that fly to Cuba about the new transitory provisions.”

He added that once in Cuba, as it normally happens, these persons will have the possibility of updating their passport and, if they wish, to travel abroad again.

“In the case of Cubans who reside permanently abroad, who live their lives regularly in other countries, to travel to Cuba, they need to do so with a valid passport, for which our consulates abroad will provide all the necessary facilities,” he concluded.

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