Leaders should teach supporters to have healthy political discussions

Hon. Sen. Rochard Ballah, Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Security, Legal Affairs, and Information, while speaking as a guest on The Issues at Hand program aired on WEFM, discussed the way the Vincentian public engaged in political discussions.

In doing so he suggested that leaders play a bigger role in educating their supporters on how to go about having healthier and more productive discussions.

“We need our leaders to teach, I want to use the word teach, because we look to our leaders as teachers, persons who are guiding us, which is tantamount to teaching.

We need our leaders to get their supporters to have a more sensitive approach to it and have more sensible discussions about the policies.

We need to have our leaders reach out to all of these different constituents, get them engaged in discussion based on their respective manifestos, have them  look at what the content is, look at the differences between both manifestos. We need to have more of that.”

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