TRINIDAD: Husband killed in girlfriend's bed


With those words to the girlfriend of Kevon Dominique, a gun-toting man stood next to their bedside and opened fire on him on Thursday night.

Dominique, 31, was shot multiple times, and died in bed.

His girlfriend was not harmed, as the killer ran out of the wooden house and escaped.

The incident occurred the girlfriend’s house around 10.30 p.m. at the house located at a track off S.S Erin Road.

Dominique’s wife, Meliza Saney, 33, said believed her husband was killed over an ongoing land dispute, and her husband was lured to his death.

Saney, in a telephone interview, said she last saw Dominique around 6 p.m., and knew nothing of his killing until her sister-in-law told her on Friday morning.

She said she knew of her husband’s intimate relationship with his girlfriend.

A police report said that PCs Nanan, Hosein, Seepersad and Ranjit responded to the report around around 10:30pm and spoke with the girlfriend, a 32-year-old woman.

The girlfriend told police that she was awake, lying on the bed with Dominique when she heard a loud noise.

Moments later she saw a man with a red bandana covering his face, standing at the bed side.

She told police the gun-toting man shouted, “Is war!”, and said to her, “Don’t watch”.

The killer then pointed a firearm at Dominique and began shooting.

Saney believed that her husband’s killing was a hit because on an ongoing land dispute.

“It has been eight years of hell, and this is the outcome. I am calling on Gary Griffith to get justice for us. My two children are asking me when their daddy is coming back.”

Saney said that the warring relationship started since she and Dominique became involved eight years ago.

She said there was a dispute over the occupation of the land on which they were had built their house and were planting vegetables and provisions.

Saney said her husband sold the produce, worked as a taxi driver and construction labourer, while she took care of their two children aged six and four years old.

She said there was an agreement to construct a track by November 16, to which she and Dominique complied.

“We did the bamboo fence on Thursday, and by the next morning it was bacchanal and there was an altercation. They threatened him. They were always making threats to us. He never took them on because he said good will win over evil. We were supposed to cast a foundation for a toilet and a bathroom on Friday, but put it off until the weekend. We it just put off now”, she said.

“We are just trying to live humble and do the right thing. This is an injustice for me and my children. Please Gary Griffith do something”, she said.

Officers of Homicide Region III are investigating.


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