Stephenson Sends Message To Lawyer With "Pony Tail" Hairstyle

While speaking at the NDP thank you rally on Saturday night, elected representative for the South Leeward constituency Nigel Stephenson said that very soon the people of SVG will get a chance to go back to the polls and elect the government they so deserve.

Stephenson said that the opposition currently holds the majority vote in the country and thus should be able to govern SVG.

He said that the team even thou in opposition will work relentlessly to ensure that there is a better life for all citizens.

“ The job is not done, and the mission is not complete until we get into government”.

No amount of bribery could have stopped the forces of nature said, Stephenson.

The re-elected representative also sent a message to whom he called a lawyer sporting a “pony tail” hairstyle.

“ The last person that brandished a gun on election day in South Leeward did not live to see the next election, but there is a certain lawyer with a “ ponytail” that brandished a gun intending to intimidate the people of Campden Park and South Leeward but we would have none of that”.

A word to the wise is sufficient, said Stephenson.


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