"No Dialogue With Me Means No New Port In Kingstown"

Chairman of the NDP Hon Daniel Cummings has hailed Leader of his party, Dr Godwin, Friday as Majority leader of this country.

“ Tonight I want to send a word of warning to those who think they can govern us in the way they have in the past, we are the majority and we speak with authority”.

Cummings stated that there is a project in west Kingstown to develop the port to which he has no difficulty with.

“ In previous times I have asked in parliament for the document related to that project and I never got them”.

Cummings, however, told party supporters that this time around it will be very much different.

“ Listen to me SVG, listen to me ULP the people of West Kingstown have given me the authority to speak on there behalf, if you don’t dialogue with me and if you don’t make all the information available to me on that project, that project will be dead”.

Cummings reiterated that if there is no dialogue with him, the people of West Kingstown have given him the authority to say that there will be no port.

The new port in Kingstown  valued at US$145 million is among the major projects earmarked by the government

The British government has provided US$40 million in grants towards the port project and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is the lead entity in respect to the balance of the cost.

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