NDP To Challenge ULP's 1 Vote Win In North Leeward

A court matter it likely to come about surrounding the results in the North Leeward constituency, this according to Hon St Clair Leacock.

 Leacock, vice president of the New Democratic Party (NDP) speaking on the New Times programme on Wednesday, said there were some “outstanding matters” to be addressed following the elections.

One such concern he said is the count in the North Leeward constituency, where  NDP, Roland ‘Patel’ Matthews was, during the preliminary count, determined to have lost by seven votes to Carlos James of the ULP.

After the final count, James’ margin of victory decreased to one vote.

The rejection of 39 rejected ballots narrowed James’ margin of victory to a single vote.

Leacock said base on information from speaking with two trusted lawyers  “as it stands now Roland Patel Matthews won the seat in North Leeward.”

Matthews got more votes said Leacock, and we will be taking the matter to court.

Leacock said persons “who are standing in Parliament knowing that they have not won would be uncomfortable I’m sure, for that outcome”.