Some Did Not Vote Because Of PRYME Says Gonsalves

Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves while appearing as a guest on VC3’s Roundtable Talk discussed the PRYME program, and how the program that is intended to promote entrepreneurship in SVG could have caused some persons not to go to the polls on November 5th.

“PRYME also caused some people not to go to the polls, because let’s say I’m a ULP man, I apply for PRYME, Theresa is my neighbor, Theresa applies for PRYME. Somehow Theresa gets a PRYME grant and I don’t. So they say “you ain’t voting for the comrade, how is it she get and I ain’t get?”

“I keep explaining to people, depending on the time you apply, the way in which the public servants were dealing with this, and processed the applications.

 Sometimes somebody might get pulled ahead of the pack, ahead of others, not for any rational reason, but for some other consideration.” Gonsalves said.

Prime Minister Gonsalves went on to say that this problem is not only present with the PRYME program, but that it also exists within other Government programs as well as when it comes to promotions.

“The same thing happens building materials and love boxes and who get promoted and who didn’t get promoted and so on.”

By News784

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