No Retreat! NDP Plans To Cut Short ULP's 5th Term

(News784) – A crisis of governance exist in St Vincent and the Grenadines following the recent elections, so says Dr Godwin Friday leader of the NDP. Friday says that the majority of Vincentians gave his party the popular mandate.

“ By your vote, you said clearly you prefer the vision laid out in this campaign by the NDP”. He said sadly the change voted for has been deferred and the ULP was declared the winner.

“ Under our constitution, the party with the most seats attains government”, said Friday.

However, Friday said it is a fundamental and treasured part of our democracy that a government that does not have the support of the majority of the people, lacks a mandate from them to govern them.

“It lacks democratic legitimacy and for anyone to try to explain this away as Dr Gonsalves have tried denies the reality of the argument that the ULP itself made in 1998”.

As they argued then, we so argue now, that those in Government have now lost the moral authority to govern.

“This creates a crisis of governance in SVG that can only be resolved when the people is once again governed by a government that has the support of a majority of the people”.

Friday noted that the NDP secured swings in 13 of the 15 constituencies across SVG, he stated that even the Prime Minister lost votes in every polling station in his constituency.

The Opposition leader noted that after four terms in Government the ULP cling’s to power precariously with the slimmest of margin in North Leeward.

“ There is a popular outpouring of dissatisfaction and frustration with the ULP and Dr Gonsalves”.

“We heard the call and will continue with determination and renewed vigour to bring about the change that the country needs, a change in government have been deferred but not indefinitely”.

Friday said the party will spear no effort to bring the economic, and social improvement to the people that they offered during the campaign.

“ The underlying condition driving the change is because the Gonsalves administration has become increasingly notorious for its subversion of constitutional government and the democratic process in the country”.

Most hurting for the citizens he said is the widening decay that is seen in the high rate of unemployment especially among the youth, added to that are the poor health care services and rising crime.

“It is seen in the poverty, the report which the government conducted spoke to it, that report was buried for over three years because they did not like the stark reality of the growing poverty exposed by the survey”.

Friday stated that there are no new capital inflows through investments to spur economic activity.

In belabouring and repeating the 1998 -2001 roadblock revolution, Friday reiterated that the legitimacy of the minority government that the ULP has become is very much in doubt.

“Nevertheless, our circumstances demand hope in all its aspects and we will by all proper means at our disposal ensure that the majority voice of the people which the NDP now represents will be heard, we will not be silent, and we will insist on shaping the direction of SVG’s future”.

Friday call on Gonsalves to end the ongoing victimization of three teachers who ran on the NDP ticket and lost.

“ On behalf of the majority of Vincentians who voted for the NDP obey the judgement of the court”, Friday stated.

The opposition leader said that Vincentians must commit themselves to the task that lies ahead, in that way they would be able to usher in a government that has earned the support of the majority of the people and thereby set in place the essential foundation upon which future prosperity and happiness depends.

“ To succeed this must be a collective effort, the NDP will be the vessel which carries that movement to its successful outcome”.

Friday urged the youths to remain in the political process, telling them that now more than ever there country needs them.

“ Retreat is not an option”, Friday said.

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