Now Elections Are Over

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The SVG 2020 elections is now a thing of the past. Gone in the annals of history is an unprecedented fifth consecutive victory for the Unity Labour Party, under the leadership of the Dr. Hon. Ralph Gonsalves aka “5 Star General”, the political “World Boss”.

Hairouna the land of the blessed, many persons are now left in distress. Despite the various emotions felt, there is one thing that remains; we all share the same nationality. In this year 2020, many things caught us all by surprise; especially the pandemic.

However, I was caught by surprise by the hatred we as Vincentians have for our : church brethren, relatives, colleagues and friends all in the name of politics. I was also caught by surprise or was I? When another vision from “God” didn’t come to past. This recurring trend, is now leaving me with the feeling that, there is a greater presence of the Devil in church than that of God.

If the question is asked about who will prefer to not benefit at all personally but would prefer to see the development of the country; there would be little to no hands raised. This is not to say that citizens don’t want to see development; it doesn’t matter which party brings the development, it only matters if i am going to benefit from it. As a result, we support the party that best suits our personal plans and goals for the near future.

We might share the same culture but we are not the same. As our needs differ, so does our political allegiance. It seems as though we only remember that this is a democratic country when we want to speak out against the Government. Democracy goes out the window, when we see people supporting a party of which we are not in favour. It is at this moment you hear : “ You nah ha no sense.”, “People like alyuh dey love hard times.” and the list of insults goes on.

I am in no way trying to be an advocate for the government. In fact, I am here to remind us that in order for us to “lift SVG higher” and to get it “working again”, all stakeholders need to play their part. Do not blame the government for our negligence as christians, public servants or as Vincentians on a whole.

Poverty is just not a government thing, it is also a church thing. Proverbs 19:17 says “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” As you read the Bible you are also admonished to be your brothers keeper and to bear one other’s burden.

During elections our eyes are easily taken away from God. It is time for us to look towards Him because He is the only One capable of lifting all of us to a higher height.


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