Georgia announces full recount of ballots by hand

(BBC) – We reported earlier that Georgia is moving towards a full manual recount amid a slim margin of 14,000 votes that put Biden ahead of Trump in the state. The state had already announced it would do a recount last week, given how tight the race has been.

The Trump campaign – who requested the hand recount – has called this an important “first step”.

Republican Congressman Doug Collins, who is leading the campaign’s effort in the state, told reporters it was a victory for “integrity” and “transparency.”

The campaign’s legal counsel Stefan Passantino said that every ballot would be reviewed in this process. He said he expects the “intense” recount to wrap by 20 November – the state-imposed deadline.

Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling earlier said the recount would certainly find “double voters” or “people who did not have the qualifications of a registered voter”.

“That will be found. Is it 10,353? Unlikely,” he said, referring to the margin of Biden’s lead earlier in the week.

There’s another deadline to be mindful of as well: 8 December, which is when the electoral college rules say states must finalise who their electors are. Electors will vote on 14 December.

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