Jamaica: 5-year-old boy dies in house fire

Jamaica observer — A five-year-old boy, who had been left in the care of his grandmother, perished in a blaze which razed a nine-bedroom board house at New Road in this inner-city community yesterday afternoon.

The dead child has been identified as Jadan Peterkin.

According to Pauline Anderson, the boy’s grandmother, the tragedy occurred shortly after his mother left him in her care to run an errand.

Anderson said she was alerted by blood-curdling screams from her grandson who was trapped in another house, on the same premises, that had caught fire.

She said efforts to rescue the helpless child from the inferno proved futile, as she could not gain entry to the house.

Residents tried to put the blaze out but it quickly spread through the structure.

“I was around the other house and I hear him a call mi. When mi come out and look, a pure fire and mi a try tek him out from the front and mi couldn’t tek him out from the front. Mi tell him to go around the back, and by the time mi fi push away the things roun’ the back, everywhere a pure fire. Mi couldn’t help him no more. A pure fire just blaze up so,” she related.

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