Congress Votes to Impeach Peru's President Martin Vizcarra

(TELESUR) – A Plenary of Congress approved the second motion for presidential vacancy due to permanent moral incapacity against President Martin Vizcarra.

By 105 votes in favor, 19 against, and 12 abstentions, the national representation decided to support the motion presented by the Union for Peru bench against President Martín Vizcarra.

The second request for dismissal was promoted in Congress by the “moral incapacity” of the President.  Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office continues in the investigation against Vizcarra for an alleged case of corruption in a hospital’s construction when he was governor (2011- 2014) from the Moquegua region.

During the debate in Parliament, the head of state indicated there was no evidence of the accusations against him, “there is no reliable evidence of any crime, and there will not be because I have not collected any bribes,” added.

The alleged crimes for which Vizcarra is accused coincide in the receipt of US$660,000 in bribes from two companies investigated for corruption and links with the Brazilian multinational Odebrecht, which carried out irrigation works, and construction of a hospital in the southern region.

Peruvian media released last Sunday content from the phone of the former Minister of Agriculture, José Hernández (2016-2018), who is close to Vizcarra’s political circle, where alleged conversations about the concession and distribution of public works were revealed. However, judicial authorities continue the investigations to clarify the facts.

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