7 Facts You Didn’t Know about Solitaire Card Games

It always feels exciting to know new facts about something you thought you might have known a lot about for a long time. For instance, the Solitaire card games come with their share of interesting facts that may excite you a lot. But what are some of those facts? Well, they are as follows:

  1. The Microsoft Solitaire is 30-years now

The first time you came across a Solitaire card game might have been on your Microsoft Windows PC or laptop. All in all, Microsoft has been delivering its Operating Systems to customers packed with the free Solitaire game since 1990. Hence, Solitaire is now 30 years!

  1. Solitaire is also called Patience

If you turn to Google app , you’ll discover that Patience shows up first in your Google search results for Solitaire card games. The thing is, over the years, Solitaire acquired new names across various countries. For anyone in the US, it remains to be Solitaire, but if you go to England, the game is Patience. In Poland, it is Pasjans, and in Norway and Iceland, it is Kabal, Kabale, or Kabala.

  1. Solitaire is played as a professional game

Today, there are plenty of professional Solitaire gamers all across the world. These individuals play Solitaire and get paid for it. You will be surprised that, like Esports, a Solitaire card game player online gets paid up to $250,000 annually for Solitaire online competitions.

  1. Solitaire originates from the Latin word solitarius

The word Solitaire is connected to both the Latin and French word solitarius. Two words form solitarius, namely solitus, which means isolation, and solus that means separated. Indeed, this is true, considering that the game has the basic rule of allowing for only one person, playing in isolation.

  1. Solitaire has more variants than any other card game

The evolution of Solitaire card games has been immense. From the classic Solitaire to modern variations like Klondike, Dash, Spider, Pyramid, FreeCell, among others, the list continues to lengthen each day. Those options are brought about by Solitaire apps that keep adding a new twist to the game, regularly.

  1. Solitaire is more than 200-years old

There are stories of the advent of Solitaire in the 18th century in regions of Germany, before it crossed over to England, then to Europe, and then to the rest of the world. This makes the game over two hundred years old today.

  1. You cannot score more than 24,113 points in Microsoft Solitaire

There is a limit to the score that you can get when playing the Solitaire standard version on Microsoft Windows OS. That score is 24,113. Usually, for every card you add to the foundation piles, you get 10 points. Then, every time a card moves from the stock to a column in the tableau, you earn 5 points. Microsoft Solitaire then awards you a time bonus if the game goes beyond 30 seconds. If you do all these things right, then the maximum score that you can get is 24,113 points.


The facts about Solitaire do not end here and the discovery may continue. So, if you want to get to know more fascinating facts about Solitaire online variations, start playing them, and you will learn some more exciting things about this game.