London grinds to a halt with 1,200 miles of traffic jams

LONDON has ground to a halt with 1,200 miles of traffic jams – as thousands of city dwellers race to escape before lockdown.

Roads in the capital were gridlocked hours before the country was plunged into a second shutdown from midnight tonight.

Data from SatNav app TomTom shows that congestion levels at 6pm were a whopping 34 per cent higher than average as Brits made a mad dash out of the capital.

At the peak of rush hour this evening, there were 2,624 traffic jams in the capital – spanning an incredible 1,205 miles.

On the North Circular alone, queues of cars stretched as long as eight miles creating average delays of an hour and fifteen minutes, according to to Inrix traffic management system.

TomTom data showed similar peaks in congestion in other British cities, with Manchester traffic up by six percentage points to 55 per cent.

Leeds’ congestion levels were up 17 per cent while Newcastle’s shot up by 34 per cent.

The scramble to get out of the capital comes amid fears that the second lockdown could be extended beyond its official end date of December 2 – leaving families stranded during the Christmas period.