77yro Woman Slapped Twice By Man 23 For Saying “5 In A Row”

News784 was informed that on Monday night in the Central Leeward town of Layou an elderly woman was assaulted.

According to the information On November 2nd  at about 11 pm a 77-year-old woman of Layou was slapped twice.

It is also reported that several rum bottles were thrown in her direction after she shouted  5 in a row.

The incident according to information happened at a village shop seconds away from her home.

News784 was told that the woman and her friends including a number of them supporting the opposition party were having fun with slogans used by the political parties when she said 5 in a row.

It was further reported that upon making use of the slogan, a man walked up to her and slapped her twice.

Friends of the elderly woman confirmed that the man supports the NDP and that she in no way interfered with him.

The matter is currently under investigation by police, the individual who assaulted the 77-year-old woman is 23 years old.