US: Mum kills her twin 7yro daughters in murder-suicide

(Mirror UK) – A mum shot her two seven-year-old daughters left before taking her own life, investigators in the US said.

Psychologist Michele Boudreau Deegan, 55, was found dead alongside the Mairy Anneleise Deegan and Katie Elizabeth Deegan.

A friend has suggested she may have murdered the little girls because she feared her former partner would get custody of them.

The tragedy happened in Sudden Valley, Washington State, last night.

In a statement the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department said that the girls’ dad had been ruled out as a suspect.

It said: “Evidence at the scene clearly implicates Michele Boudreau Deegan as the only suspect in the death of her two daughters.”

The killer mum was described as “deeply troubled” by a former friend, KIRO 7 reports.

Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo said: “It’s a real tragic situation that we’re still investigating, trying to get more information on what might have motivated someone to do something this horrific.”

In a Facebook post, one of her friends wrote: “Michelle was a wonderful woman….she HAD TO HAVE BEEN trying (in an absolutely sick, unimaginably twisted way, obviously) to “protect” the girls from a life with their dad without her.

“She was a kind and warm friend, bright and empathetic, a psychologist with a local practice that helped so many people, including me, and my daughter.”

She wrote: “Every time she believed her divorce was almost final, she would be dragged into a new frivolous and expensive renegotiation.

“She had been bankrupted by litigation, right or wrong, she worried for her girls with their dad…..(the sad irony is not lost on me)……this was a mental health tragedy, not a terrible person.”

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