Social Workers’ Association Of SVG Election Message

St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ celebrates 41 years of resiliency, productivity and fellowship as marked by the recent anniversary of our Independence.  Despite the many changing scenes of our development; we have lost and achieved; however, we will continue to strive toward excellence.

The Social Workers’ Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SWASVG) continues to focus on this year’s Social Work theme of   Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships even as we navigate through this election season. As we exercise our democratic rights; it is incumbent upon us that we recognize the importance of our civil duty and its impact on ourselves, our families and our communities. The disrespectful verbal and vile physical expressions of support cannot foster healthy human relationships.

As Social Workers, the engagement in the political discussion is not one that aligns us to any entity. As macro practitioners focusing on how structures affect our practice; the political system is key in the provision and delivery of services for our many affected populations. Our social work voice aids in identifying gaps and advocating for programmes that empower our clients. We should strive to see ourselves in each other and use our talents to construct a more harmonious nation.

As Rajiv Ghandi states “the democratic way of nation building requires patience, perseverance and a spirit of conciliation and it cannot be articulated from the outside”.  Therefore, our greatness encompasses each Vincentian despite our differences.

 As a nation, the SWASVG urges that as we approach November 5th, 2020, that we uphold our dignity and worth and practice social justice by exercising our free will to choose the candidate of our choice without fear or intimidation and being respectful to each other.   Further, we encourage one and all to let peace prevail in our nation from all our actions!  Whatever the outcome; we must all share in the responsibility and the actualization of our country’s fullest potential.

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