Victory For ULP – Gonsalves Urges 2kool To Come Back Home

A number of seats currently belonging to NDP will be taken away in this election. “Seats like Central Kingstown, South Leeward, and North Leeward, will fall like an Avalanche”.

Those were the words of Ralph Gonsalves leader of the ULP on Tuesday night at Rabacca. Gonsalves says SCL has reported to NDP that there is nothing more they can do for the party.

“ When the crowd is moving there is nothing more we can do”. Gonsalves says there is nothing more they can do now to stop the victory of ULP.

He says only the petite bourgeoisie and the NDP internet crazies are hoping for a victory which will never come.

“ This election has two elements before it, to lift the soul of SVG higher which the ULP is doing, and the other, for the sale of the soul of the nation, which is what NDP is proposing”.

Gonsalves said Mitchell is not communicating with Friday at the moment as the campaign falls apart.

Gonsalves on Tuesday night sent out a call for 2kool to return to the fold, return to redemption 2kool, it’s not too late, let’s break bread, he urged the radio host of Hot 97.

Gonsalves says police estimate the crowd at the manifesto launch to be some 20,000.