My girlfriend says she has slept with more than 100 men

DEAR DEIDRE: I WAS a late starter and have only been with a dozen women – while my girlfriend admits she has slept with more than 100 men.

But I’m more shocked she admitted this so openly . . . and confessed she’d had sex with some of them in exchange for cash or gifts or holidays.

I am 34 and she is 32. I put it down to her being Latvian and more direct than most women are in this country.

She is a language teacher and has had sex with her pupils.

This worries me given that she has a professional relationship with them.

We have been together for two years but she’s admitted flirting and getting close to married men during this time, exchanging sexy texts and allowing them to touch her.

She enjoyed dinner and shared a hotel bed with one of them.

She was abandoned by her father at a young age and admits she struggles to say no to men.

When she slips up, she justifies things in her mind and tells me I am over-reacting.

Do I have it out with her or just shrug and accept this is who she is and that these men will always be around?

If her behaviour makes you unhappy you need to be honest or it will drive you apart.

Counselling could help her get over that early emotional damage so she makes less needy choices.

And warn your girlfriend she should check her employer’s policy regarding student-teacher relationships or she could be in trouble.