PSU Executive Endorses NDP – No Consensus From Membership

“This government has failed the workers and I can’t see why the regime would want to be re-elected to office”. PSU Head Elroy Boucher

Boucher made the comments at a press conference held by the PSU on Monday. The PSU head said the NDP has given the union several commitments which are important and urgent and to which the current govt has neglected.

In light of the opposition commitment to these urgent matters which affects public servants, the union head endorsed the NDP and encouraged all public officers and workers, in general, to vote for a change of government.

Boucher in response to questions from the media could not say if the general membership would endorse the union’s position, however, the executive is endorsing the NDP in hopes that the general membership would follow.

There was no meeting of the general membership before the announcement from the union on Monday.

The union executive met with the opposition NDP on October 13th.

“ Let me repeat and I encourage all public servants and workers to vote for a change of governance”.

“ It is in the best interest of the PSU and the workers to do such, I urge all workers to vote for an end to victimization in the public service, vote for an end to nepotism, cronyism, and favouritism of promotion within the public service”.

Boucher further urged all workers to vote for the respect of the collective bargaining process and to vote the for implementation of the OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act).

“ When you vote for a change of government, you will be voting for proper salary negotiation, you will be voting for the conventions that speak to violence against women and girls a situation which has scourged our beautiful country”.

Boucher says a change of government will show that there is the protection of wages for workers.

“ This government is a signatory to the convention on the protection of wages, however, there is no law that makes this valid”.

Boucher said if workers place their interest first there would not be an issue in voting for a change of government.

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