PM Says Foreign Agents Working For NDP Tapping Phones In SVG

“ The people who want to buy our passport and also sell it, are the people funding the NDP campaign”. PM Gonsalves.

Gonsalves said at Biabou on Saturday night, that there are two operatives down here and three in the UK directing their campaign.

“ What they are doing is surfing the internet, to see what you like to look at and try to send targeted messages to you”.

What they are trying to do is exactly what Trump hired them to do in the 2016 American election, Gonsalves noted.

“ But we have a  consciousness in SVG, we have an understanding of politics, that these foreign marauders who don’t have any grasp of our culture, and how we respond to things, will never understand”.

Gonsalves said that in there spying on you and tapping of your phone, they are tapping your phone you know.

“ What they are doing, is collecting data, which they will sell, that’s why you see these 91 and 94 numbers coming up on your phone giving you all kinds of NDP messages from India and China”.

“ That is what they are doing, but all we have to do is to steady our minds, especially those interested in defending the development of SVG if you have that sort of consciousness they can never break the wall in your mind”.

Gonsalves said the NDP financing is coming from companies in Hong Kong and Switzerland, controlled by British and Chinese nationals, they are giving the NDP consultants money to run the campaign.

“ All these posters and ads are paid for by the people who want to sell you passport, a lot of vagabonds that’s what the NDP is dealing with”.

Gonsalves said If NDP wins the election, these people are going to buy passports and buy up all the lands in SVG, he said when the Chinese come they will bring their own workers and mark off places that you will not be able to go on.

“ What the NDP is trying to do is to recolonize SVG”, Gonsalves said.

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