NDP Will Lose Votes In Every Constituency – ULP Will Win 13 Seats

The Unity Labour Party is expected to win 13 in the 2020 elections, this according to the leader of the party Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves speaking in Biabou said once ULP supporters go out and vote NDP will get a licking like never before.

“ They are on track to lose support in every single constituency, and we are expecting to win every single constituency on the mainland”.

“ We will keep the 8 that we have, we will get the one in North Leeward because Carlos is doing very well, we will also take South Leeward and East Kingstown”.

Gonsalves said Daniel Cummings won his seat by over 400 votes, however, the ULP is in the process of turning that around.

“Leacock said that he is going everywhere to campaign but now he is living in Central Kingstown, we know how to overturn numbers in Kingstown, once momentum is on our side”.

Gonsalves noted that serious efforts are being made in the Grenadines.

“But am lickerish says Gonsalves, I want all 13 on the mainland.

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