NDP Falling Apart As Only 4 Turned Out For Frenches Meeting

The NDP is already falling apart, this according to Dr Ralph Gonsalves. “They had scheduled a meeting for Rose Place that never got off the ground”.

“ They had one in Frenches, with three or four people and after a half-hour, Bramble call it a night”.

“ Now if he had any guts he would have stand up and talk to the people them, and hope that people would be listening in their bedrooms, but these people don’t have any belly and they want to run for politics”.

Gonsalves said if they can’t take on educating the people of Frenches even though they are not there when they reach in Gov’t and have to deal with serious matters they will crumble.

“ Not only will they crumble they will take up their bed and walk”, said Gonsalves.

Gonsalves noted NDP was supposed to have a warm-up meeting in North Leeward on Friday night that was also called off since no one turned up, so they had to just play music.

“ You can tell when the pressure is getting to a party and is everybody now for themselves in the NDP”.

Gonsalves said when he talks like this they will try to re-group, but they are so disorganized they simply can not do it.

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