3-5 % swing away from ULP and NDP can take WSG – Jomo Thomas

Plain Talk By Jomo Thomas: Candidate For Candidate

West St George

When my Headteacher friend and fellow reparationist Curtis King was mentioned as a possible replacement for the retiring Ces Mc Kie, some ole school ULP activists opposed his candidacy on the ground that he was ‘another Jomo’ with strong views and unshakable commitment to the people and country.

They thought he may not uncritically tow the line. When he won the nod, he told me ‘Jomo dem men Nah whar yo.’

Since then I often wondered whether Curtis believes that Gonsalves and the ULP want him or is just prepared to use his deep roots and a strong connection to West St George to wade off any challenge to its dominance of the constituency.

In 2015 Ces McKie won by 578 votes. Curtis King is being challenged by the experienced and accomplished firebrand attorney Kay Bacchus-Baptiste.

While some questions her ethics, Bacchus-Baptiste has drive, will power and money to pour into her campaign. However, it will take a 3 to 5 per cent swing away from the ULP for the Opposition to snag this seat.

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