NDP Caught Breaking Election Code Of Conduct In North Leeward

Workers of the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the North Leeward constituency were caught early Friday morning in Spring Village defacing roads and public property, which is a clear breach of the election code of conduct signed by both political parties a mere few days ago.

The breach of the code of conduct by the NDP comes just a few hours after their political leader and leader of the opposition, Dr. Godwin Friday, placed his signature to the agreement which discourages political parties and their representatives from defacing public buildings, walls, streets and structures.

The midnight operation by the NDP team in North Leeward was being carried out in the presence of a teacher, Jeffrey White, who is also the brother of the current member of parliament Patel Matthews.

The NDP workers were easily identified by a known campaign vehicle for the NDP, which carried a ladder, posters of the NDP candidate for North Leeward, a staple gun and yellow paint.

According to one of the NDP election road painting workers they were part of the NDP operation to prepare for their manifesto launch on Saturday in Petit Bordel.

He noted that they were instructed to use paint on the visible structures and the streets during the installation of party posters. While the installation of posters on lampposts and other appropriate structures were approved by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Christian Council and the National Monitoring and Consultative Mechanism (NMCM) through the Code Of Ethical Political Conduct 2020 General Election, the use of paint on public property is prohibited.

Jeffrey White, the brother of current MP Patel Matthews could be seen standing outside of his vehicle while the young men conducted the operation. On the arrival of persons to  the area, both vehicles sped off and went in the direction of North Leeward.