Central Leeward To Close To Call, South Leeward NDP Has The Edge

Jomo Thomas : Plain Talk Candidate for candidate

Central Leeward

Watch this seat as though either party’s fortune depends on it because it does. Dr Orando Brewster takes up from where Sir Louis Straker, the retiring Deputy Prime Minister left off.

Sir Louis first won in 1994 and chalked up 4 impressive victories before going into retirement in 2010. Maxwell Charles won the seat in 2010 by a narrow 150 votes. Sir Louis was astutely dragged out of retirement for the 2015 polls and won by 314 votes.

Ben Exeter and the opposition are convinced that they were robbed out the seat and the reins of government in 2015. They will be going full force to claim the victory this time. To his credit, Exeter who lived in Canada has remained on the ground.

Brewster is no Sir Louis, and the party is going for an unprecedented 5th term. The get out the vote campaign will be most crucial in Central Leeward. Too close to call.

South Leeward

Arguably, South Leeward is the most neglected constituency in the country. Therefore, Dr Minerva Glasgow has a difficult task on her hand despite the last-minute mad rush by the ULP to address some of the most pressing needs.

Dr Glasgow is neither nimble nor exciting in speech, gait or persona. Her below-par performances to date do not augur well for someone who touts a PhD in her arsenal. Before her emergence, one would have had to have a creative imagination to believe that anyone could have been drabber than the incumbent, Nigel Stephenson.

But the seat was won by Mr Stephenson by only 118 votes in 2015. The opposition will make a mistake if it does not do all in its power to retain this seat against a final desperate pitch from the ULP. NDP has the edge.

North Leeward
A rematch of 2015 between the rabble-rousing Patel Matthews, who narrowly retained the seat by a mere 12 votes, and Carlos James, Speaker of the House.
Many observers wondered why the opposition went with Matthews who barely eked out a victory in 2015. However, based on James’ non-spectacular contribution in the House of Assembly and the ULP abject neglect of the constituency until recently, Matthews could win, but history is not with him.
It will be remembered that Matthews chipped away at Jerrol Thompson’s numbers until he toppled him to win by 182 votes in 2010. NL history shows that once the challenger narrows the incumbent’s margin of victory, eventually the constituency changes party allegiance.
Unless James, a lawyer, radically remakes his pompous attitude, SVG will be poorly served if he wins.
Should he win and maintains his haughty, arrogant attitude, he will first embarrass himself and more importantly, our country. The party best able to get out the vote wins.

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