Rillan Hill Resident To Contest 2020 Election As Independent

A Rillan Hill resident will contest the 2020 election as an independent candidate in the South Leeward constituency.

Asordo Bennett will seek to become the representative for the South Leeward constituency and sit in the House of Assembly as Member of Parliament.

The two major political parties will be fielding candidates. Minerva Glasgow will represent the ULP, while Nigel Stephenson will be representing the NDP.

The seat is currently being held by the opposition New Democratic Party.

Statement From Asordo Idow Bennett

Representatives of South Leeward must not endorse Violence in motorcade people can be hurt seriously. My choice to be an Independent Candidate For my Constituency South Leeward for this 2020 election St Vincent and the Grenadines is a solid decision to participate in the development of my country.
As an Independent Representative for South Leeward My Journey to Prime Minister  is one I want to start Clean
So, therefore, I want to tell my friends and Families go out and support their Party.
If you are ULP go out and vote for Miss Glasgow. I support the ULP government policies its a government that definitely lifts St Vincent and the Grenadines higher over the years and will continue to do so.
Go out and Vote for your Party
One Vote is good enough for me within this early stage of my journey as a Candidate.
South Leeward People go out and Vote Miss Mini or Nature
If you in South Leeward and you see a bullhead with a black colour on your ballot sheet that is me…………..
You don’t have to vote for me at this early stage but one day I know same as my great Leader Comrade Ralph I will fill the shoes with the sweet stories to tell.


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