79% of Brazilians Killed by Police in 2019 Were Black People

In this South American country, at least 66.6 percent of the femicides reported in 2019 were committed against Black women.

Domestic Violence Increases 431% in Brazil Amid Lockdown

“Violence against African-descendants is increasing over the years,” Public Security Annual Report admitted alluding to a comparison between 2018 and 2019.

The Forum also informed that 74.4 percent of the 47,773 intentional violent deaths reported in 2019 were Black victims.

“Although there was an 18 percent drop in the number of violent deaths in 2019 compared to 2018, Black people’s murders did not decrease,” the Annual Report assured.

The Annual Report also revealed that 66.6 percent of the 657,800 people arrested in 2019 were African-descendants.

Regarding domestic violence, one physical aggression was reported every two minutes. In the past year, 883 out of 1,326 femicides were committed against Black women.

“This reality is unacceptably common and deserves constant attention from citizens and authorities,” FBSP stated.

In the first semester of 2020, at least 25,712 people were murdered in Brazil. This means that one person got killed every 10 minutes. (TELESUR)

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