Cuba Thanks France For Its Cooperation On Vaccine

On Thursday, French Ambassador Patrice Paoli met with Dr. Vicente Vérez Bencomo, General Director of the Finlay Vaccines Institute, to discuss French-Cuban cooperation in the vaccines sector with the support of the French Agency for Development in Cuba.

Cuba’s Finlay Institute of Vaccines (IFV) highlighted on Twitter the excellent collaboration efforts that have been forged during the last two years between France and the IFV.

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Previously, French authorities gave further details about the French ambassador’s meeting to Cuba, Patrice Paoli, and Dr. Vicente Velez, IFV’s general director.
Both countries discussed what cooperation between France and Cuba could look like in the vaccine sector, ongoing work supported by the French Development Agency, according to the French Embassy in Havana.

IFV has been developing Soberana 01, the first Cuban and Latin American vaccine against Covid-19, currently in clinical trials.
Soberana 01 finds itself in an adaptive, multicentric, controlled, and randomized clinical trial, in which volunteers are vaccinated with two of its variants, either a lower and a higher dose, or the control product, which is the Cuban antimeningococcal vaccine VA-MENGOC-BC, one of IFV’s leading products to date.

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