He Has A Big Mountain To Climb, “I wish Him Luck” – Mitchell

Commenting on the candidates of the New Democratic Party for the 2020 elections, former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell while pouring accolades on the lineup differed when it came to Bernard Wyllie.

When asked by Dwight “Bing” Joseph on Boom FM about the return of Mr. Wyllie, Mitchell said, “ I wish him luck”.

Sir James said that the former MP has a big mountain to climb in the Marriaqua Constituency.

“ First of all when he left he was defeated by 1050 votes, when he came in with me he came in on a winning side in 1989, he is now coming from opposition into government”.

Mitchell further noted that he will need to do a lot of work to secure the seat, and he wishes him all the best.

Mitchell said he supported Kirk Da Silva as he had brought something to the table including independence of mind.

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