DSS:' – A cancer that will eat the soul of this nation'

(Trinidad Express) – Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has sought the intervention of foreign investigators to help unravel matters involving the Drugs Sou Sou (DSS) organisation and shocking misconduct of the TTPS.

Speaking at a post-Budget virtual forum on Thursday night, Dr Rowley addressed the recent raid of the DSS headquarters in La Horquetta spearheaded by the SORT division of the TTPS.

The $22 million found on the premises was seized but later returned to DSS founder Kerron Clarke. Clarke later told the Express that $4 million was missing upon its return.

Video footage of the raid showed a member of the assigned TTPS team stuffing an envelope into his uniform.

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith stated that the individual pictured in the footage was not a member of the TTPS, but a member of the Defence Force, and it would investigated.

Rowley said he has yet to receive a simple answer on the nature of the matter and the role of criminal elements in its operation. He said that he was disturbed by the events adding that it pointed to corruption within the TTPS.

“Our local police told us recently and we’ve seen a lot of it in the media and elsewhere where in Trinidad and Tobago and La Horquetta, $22 million in the hands of people engaged in conduct which is in fact matters of national security. The role of the police in that matter, the role of criminal gangs in that matter is completely unknown to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.”

“I can tell you as head of the national security council, I have not had the simplest of answers in that matter. All I can say to you is that as a member of the national security council, I am disturbed. I am disturbed and because of what it means, pointing to and fingering unacceptable levels of corruption in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service,” he said.

He said that he has since contacted the British Government and Barbados seeking advice on how the matter should be handled. As a result, he said, two senior investigating officials from Barbados will be coming to Trinidad to analyze the events.

Without proper investigation he said, the matter will become a “cancer that will eat the soul of this nation.”

“Immediately I approached the British Government with whom we have a memorandum of understanding dated 2018 to coordinate on matters of national security. I approached the British Government for help. We are awaiting British police officers in Trinidad and Tobago on that matter of the Drugs Sou Sou.

On the same matter I approached the Prime Minister of Barbados I can say now two senior Barbados Police investigating officers are on their way to Trinidad and Tobago and they will form part of a team that comprehensively examine this matter to find out where how and why $22 million would have been found by the police, enter a police station, disappear after and nobody could tell the country what happened there.

“For a member of the defence force to stand up on the front page of the newspaper telling the country I am the one organizing that. That is not a sou sou that is a threat to the national security of Trinidad and Tobago and if we don’t investigate it properly it will be cancer that will eat the soul of this nation,” said Dr Rowley.

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