'Dead' man wakes up 24 hours after being in freezer

(INDIA) – It was a miracle on ice.

An elderly Indian man put in a see-through freezer box after his apparent death was pulled out alive — when he was spotted moving after 24 hours in his icy coffin.

Balasubramaniya Kumar, 74, was put in the frozen container so that his body could be preserved for the last rites after his brother assumed he had died in Kandhampatti on Monday afternoon, according to the New India Express.

But when the freezer-box company staffer came back the same time the next day to collect it, he noticed Kumar was shivering and still breathing, the reports said.

“His hands are trembling, how?” a person behind a camera asked while filming Kumar in video that has gone viral in India, according to the Independent.

Someone with him — identified as Kumar’s brother, Saravanan — put it down to “seizures,” according to the reports, saying, “His soul has not left him yet.”

Kumar was immediately taken out and rushed to a local hospital in Salem city, the reports said. “He’s responding to treatment and cooperating,” Dr. R. Balajnathan told the Times of India.

The 70-year-old brother is being investigated for possible negligent conduct to endanger human life and an act endangering life or personal safety of others, the Indian papers said.


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