Local Preacher Predicts 12 Seat Victory For NDP In The 2020 Election

A local preacher has predicted victory for the St Vincent Opposition party in the 2020 general elections to be held on 5th November 2020.

The evangelist offering prayer for the candidates at a Virtual Praise and Worship meeting on Wednesday night said the NDP should win 12 seats.

The preacher noted that in his dream he saw 12 candles burning bright, he noted that he kicked down nine of those candles.

” I am not a good dreamer but when I dream, I dream, I dreamt it had twelve candles burning, and I kicked down nine candles, let me say it publicly, you already have nine seats in the bag, and there are three seats you can win it if you fight hard”.

Bascombe told the candidates that the party should come out of the 2020 elections with 12 seats. Shortly after that, his microphone was muted.

It is not the first time that preachers have been predicting  a 12 seat victory for the NDP. In 2015 it was also predicted. However, the Party won 7 of the 15 parliamentary seats.


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