Cameron Balcombe And Wife Make Donation To SVG Coast Guard

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Service was the recipient of a Samsung Dryer compliment Mr. Cameron Balcombe and his wife, proprietors of the construction company, Bally and Bally Investment Limited.

In receiving the donation, the Commander of the SVG Coast Guard Service, Mr. Brenton Cain, outlined that the addition of the dryer to the laundry service at the Coast Guard Base will improve the comfort and reduce the wear and tear on the uniforms caused by the elements.

He further stated that generous contributions such as this by citizens and by extension, the corporate society are greatly appreciated and illustrates the remarkable relationship between the general public and the SVG Coast Guard Service.

He went on to state that the generous donation emphasizes the actuality that the safety, security and comfort of the men and woman under his command are in the hearts of the people they serve.

Commander Cain expressed thanks to Mr. Cameron Balcombe and his wife on behalf of the men and women of the SVG Coast Guard Service for their hospitable donation and stated that the donation will be cherished.

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