NDP plans to victimise Community Health worker in SCW

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Area Representative for South Central Windward Saboto Caesar opposes NDP’s proposed victimisation plan of a Community Health Worker.

Last night at a poorly turned out event at the office of Senator Israel Bruce, his supporters went on Facebook Live to speak of their planned victimisation of the Community Health Worker. In their white NDP t-shirts, they spoke of their thirst to victimise Mrs Clarke, stating that she would be sent to the Grenadines, then fired!

Area Representative and elected Member of Parliament since 2010 for the constituency, Honourable Saboto Caesar, when contacted said that, “Mrs Hyacinth Clarke did not have to worry, because the NDP is awaiting a 5 in a row beating”. He expressed, that the NDP is using this as a tactic to suppress voters.

“The NDP can’t even frighten a fly, nobody is studying them, but their evil talk of victimisation is not good for our democracy.”

He further called on his ULP supporters to answer the NDP supporter’s plan to victimise Mrs Clarke. He emphasised, that “from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,” and that “Vincentians now know what is in the plan and belly of the NDP. To victimise people, like an innocent, hard-working female Vincentian like Mrs Clarke.”

Mr. Caesar used the opportunity to remind supporters to get registered and to vote solidly for the ULP on November 5th. Saboto Caesar won the seat last election by over 500 votes.

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