ICTC Meeting 15th Oct – Vincy Food Fest

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Thursday, 15th October 2020

Theme: Vincy Food Fest

5:00   Sergeant At Arms Calls Meeting to Order TM Tamira
  Pledge – “For better listening, for better thinking,  
  for better speaking.”  
  Calls meeting to order  
  Welcome Guests  
5:10   Sergeant At Arms Introduces the Toastmaster of the Day
  Toastmaster of the Day – TM Alicia  
  Changes to Agenda President TM Natalie
  Joke Master (optional) President TM Natalie
  Returns control to the Toastmaster of the Day President TM Natalie
5:15   Toastmaster Calls on Meeting Roles TM Alicia
  Introduces General Evaluator – TM Jenieve TM Alicia
  Introduces Evaluation Team TM Jenieve
  Ah-Counter TM Xavier
  Grammarian TM Moureeze
  Timer TM Jackleen
  First Evaluator TM
  Second Evaluator TM
5:25 Education Session  
  Beginning Your Speech DTM Arlette
5:45   Toastmaster Introduces Table Topics Master TM Alicia
  Conduct Table Topics Session TM Leanna
  Call for Timer’s Report of Table Topics TM Jackleen
  Recap Speakers and Give Reminder to Vote TM Leanna
  Returns control to the Toastmaster of the Day TM Leanna
6:00 Snack Break


6:05 Toastmaster Introduces Speakers TM Alicia
  First Speaker (PW# 3.1) 5-7 mins TM Jenieve
  Second Speaker (PW# 5.2) 5-7 mins TM Leanna
  Call for Timer’s Report of Speakers TM Jackleen
6:30   Toastmaster Calls the General Evaluator TM Alicia
  General Evaluator Calls for Speech Evaluations TM Jenieve
  (3 min each)    
  General Evaluator Calls for Reports TM Jenieve
  Timer (2 min) TM Jackleen
  Ah-Counter (1 min) TM Xavier
  Grammarian (1 min) TM Moureeze
  General Evaluator Provides Report TM Jenieve
  General Evaluator provides meeting and  
  leader evaluations  
  Returns control to the Toastmaster of the Day  
6:45 Toastmaster Presents Awards TM Alicia
  Best Evaluator  
  Best Table Topics  
  Special Awards  
  Thought For The Day  
  Invites Functionaries  
  Returns control to the Chair of the meeting  
6:50   Invites Guests to Speak President TM Natalie
  Celebrating Achievements President TM Natalie
  Chair Leads Club Business President TM Natalie
7:00 Chair Adjourns Meeting President TM Natalie


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