Despite Violence, Colombia Nominated World’s Top Tourist Site

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(TELESUR) – Despite daily massacres, assassinations, and forced displacements plaguing the country, Colombia’s tourism industry received the news Thursday of having been nominated as the best travel destination in the world, in addition to competing in nine other industry categories.

The organizers of the World Travel Awards placed Colombia in 10 categories, including the category of World’s Leading Destination.

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It will compete with Brazil, India, Greece, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Spain, and Chile in that category.

Several cities of the coffee-producing nation will also compete in the categories of World’s Top Culinary Destination, World’s Top Beach Destination, World’s Top Business Travel Destination, World’s Top Urban Getaway Destination, World’s Top Tourism Office, and World’s Top Cultural City Destination, among others.

According to the newspaper El Espectador, “tourism in Colombia continues to stand out in the world. Every day more eyes are set on a biodiverse and multicultural country, which every day works to be better prepared to receive national and foreign tourists safely and responsibly.”

Colombia is one of the most important tourist destinations in South America. It is thanks to enormous biodiversity made up of jungles, mountains, forests, mangroves, countryside, natural parks, and paradise-like crystalline beaches on the planet.

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