Basil Brackin Wins $125,000 In NLA's Scratch Game

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Tuesday, October 06, 2020, was a joyous occasion for Mr Basil Brackin,  who walked into the National Lotteries Authority bearing the ticket with the top prize of one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars ($125,000.00) for the NLA’s $10.00 scratch game, “$125,000 JACKPOT”.

Mr Basil Brackin, a resident of Sandy Bay,  purchased his $125,000.00  life-changing  $10 scratch ticket at Shearman’s outlet in Lowmans Windward.

The elated Mr Brackin claimed that it was the first time he had ever won so much money from the National Lotteries Authority and had no immediate plans for the funds.

It was also a historic payout on scratch games for the National Lotteries Authority, this being the largest prize to a single winner from a single scratch ticket.

The National Lotteries Authority expresses thanks to the general public for their overwhelming support on all our games. On Friday October 09, 2020,  the NLA will be launching a new ten-dollar scratch game called “FIRE AND DICE” also with a top prize of $125,000.00.

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