JAMAICA: 18yro in endless pain after getting birth control implant

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(Jamaica Star) – After 18-year-old Angel Ricketts delivered her son at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in 2018, she was given the Jadelle implant, a contraceptive measure that is inserted into the arm. But almost a year later, Ricketts says she started experiencing excruciating pain, and she often times feel sick.

In February 2020, she had one of the implants removed at the hospital and thought things would be better, but weeks later, the unbearable pain continued.

The Jadelle implant is made up of two small rods, almost the size of a matchstick. The rods are put under the skin in the inside of a female’s arm. They work as contraceptives that can prevent a female getting pregnant for up to five years. But they have side effects.

“I have been blacking out, experiencing dizziness, belly pain and back pain. Right now, my hand is numb. I can’t feel it or anything like that. Sometimes me feel suicidal with this thing! I don’t know what is going to happen to my body couple years from now. Me nuh know wah go happen to me… me just nuh know! Me caa understand why. This world is just so unfair!” Ricketts told THE STAR.

She says the bizarre effects started about one year after the implant.

“You see after my son turn about 11 months, that’s the time it start to affect me. When my son was one, I was sick real bad. I was very sick. I couldn’t even help myself. I was admitted in January and February. And they took out one. I thought everything was going to be okay, but everything started again,” she said.

“Me drop down, me black out and then me go back to the hospital. Me nuh understand if me ago live with this forever.”

Last month, she went back to the hospital to have the other half of the implant removed. But Ricketts claims she was told that the implant is now under one of her main veins and cannot be removed.

Dr Garth McDonald, senior medical officer for the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, has met with Ricketts to discuss the complications involved in removing the second implant. It is unclear whether the procedure would be undertaken.

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