Millionaire who killed woman, blames ‘rough sex’ to walk free

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(THE SUN UK) – THE twin sister of a woman who was killed by her millionaire lover in what he says was a “rough sex” session says she feels “physically sick” that the killer is to be set free.

Natalie Connolly, 26, was left to bleed to death at the bottom of a flight of stairs with 40 injuries to her face and body after being attacked by her boyfriend.

Millionaire thug John Broadhurst, 42, admitted to killing his lover after a cocaine-fuelled romp at their £600,000 home.

But now Natalie’s twin sister Gemma Andrews has spoken of her family’s anguish that the killer is about to be freed from jail, after serving less than two years.

Heartbroken Gemma told the Mirror: “Spending 22 months for taking ­someone’s life – just how can that be possible?

“We’ve not had justice. The British justice system failed us.”

The thug’s pathetic rough sex excuse finally led to the legal defence being outlawed earlier this year.

The millionaire property developer could have faced life for murder over the December 2016 killing – but instead escaped with a 44-month manslaughter sentence.

Natalie and John began their affair in 2016, but six months after they met he accused her of sending topless pictures to another man on social media.


The mum-of-one’s body was discovered wearing only a black skirt which was pulled up to her waist at the couple’s house in Kinver, West Mids.

She in a pool of blood at the base of the staircase having suffered over 40 injuries – including blunt-force trauma to her head, buttocks and breast.

Natalie had also suffered horrific internal injuries which were inflicted during a bizarre sex game involving a bottle of carpet cleaner.

He even sprayed bleach on Natalie’s face when she lay unconscious because “he didn’t want her to look a mess”.

Post-mortem analysis found she died from her injuries in conjunction with alcohol intoxication and was more than five times the drink-drive limit.

During the trial Natalie was described by pals as “a free spirit” who was “full of fun” and “always the life and soul of the party.”

Broadhurst insisted during a murder trial that Connolly willingly consented to rough sex – despite being heavily intoxicated – and prosecutors softened the charge to manslaughter by gross negligence.

But her twin insists the defence was bogus and her beloved sister “wasn’t into that kind of thing at all”.

She said: “It made me feel physically sick because I knew the truth. Nat wasn’t the person she was made out to be.

“It breaks my heart that he’s coming out so soon.

“He killed my sister and put us all through hell as he tried to blame her for her own death. Not once did he ever shed a tear.”

He pleaded guilty straight away in December 2018 and even dared to appeal his sentence.

However, he is now set to be freed within days after less than two years in prison.

A campaign launched after Natalie’s death led to the outlawing of the so-called “rough sex defence” in court.

Campaigners found that since 2000 the number of accused men using what has been nicknamed the 50 Shades of Grey defence had increased tenfold.

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