Man's foot broken after seeing lover with another man

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(Barbados) – Suspicions surrounding his lover’s behaviour led a man to a bedroom window where he saw her with another man. The events that followed left him with a damaged foot after being struck by a car.

This was just part of the evidence given by David Hurdle, the complainant in the trial of Kevin Carlos Kinch who is charged with causing serious bodily harm to Hurdle with intent to maim, disfigure or disable him or to do him some other serious bodily harm. Kinch also pleaded not guilty to a second count of inflicting serious bodily harm on Hurdle on April 25, 2016.

Prosecutor Acting Senior Crown Counsel Rudolph Burnett, in outlining the prosecution’s case, said Hurdle and Alicia Brooker were in an intimate relationship but Hurdle began to question why he kept seeing Kinch at her house when he visited. She denied that anything was going on.

The complainant, hoping to confirm his suspicions, went to Brooker’s residence on the date of the incident but she was not at home. He went to Kinch’s house and as he peeped through the bedroom, he saw Brooker sitting on the bed, fully clothed and Kinch shirtless.

According to the prosecutor, Hurdle said, ‘I thought you said you and he ain’t in nothing.’ Following that Kinch took up a golf stick and went outside and both men threw rocks at each other.

Hurdle got on his bicycle and returned to Brooker’s residence to await her arrival. Kinch drove Brooker home in his car and when Hurdle approached her, Kinch got out with a golf stick but Hurdle armed himself with a shovel. Kinch then returned to his car, drove it and knocked Hurdle down.

Today, Hurdle aka “Farmer” told the court, “Me and Alicia were having problems and I felt she was messing around with someone on me.”

On the date of the incident, Hurdle said the two had an argument and he “came back with the intentions to see who it was”. As he did not find Alicia home, he went to Kinch’s house.

“I rode my bicycle there and I was listening for a voice. I went to the front window, I pull aside the blind and window screen,” Hurdle said, recalling that Brooker was on the bed and Kinch was in front of her.

“I thought you don’t deal with de man,” Hurdle said he told Brooker.

The complainant then said Kinch took up the golf stick and came outside swinging at him. Hurdle, who is a farmer, said he usually carries a knife and armed himself with it.

He said he told Kinch: “You ain’t know wah you dealing with.\

However, he said he did not want to put himself in trouble so when the rocking throwing started, he got on his bicycle and returned to Brooker’s house.

“I just came to prove a point. I ain’t no idiot I knew what was going on. My head ain’t good, before I went there I prayed and ask the Father to don’t let me get in none,” Hurdle recalled.

When Brooker came home in Kinch’s car, Hurdle asked her to talk but she pulled away from him.

“Kinch got out the car and rush at me with a golf stick and I get in a really ignorant place. This is my child mother and he come down here think he horning me,” he said.

When Hurdle armed himself with the shovel, Kinch went straight and jumped in his car.

Hurdle was between the step and the car and said he moved toward the side of the vehicle.

“I thought he did going long but the man drive up to me …and skin me right down.”

Hurdle said the car was on his chest at some point and when it moved off him he tried to get up but to no avail.

“I was going for the shovel but realize I can’t get up…I looked down and saw my foot flapping,” he recalled.

In Brooker’s recount of what happened, she said she never witnessed the altercations between the two men on that day as she was always on the inside. However, she saw when Hurdle was on the ground lying down with a broken foot and she called the ambulance.

“I was in shock. I panicked. I was so frightened,” she recalled, adding that she saw Kinch driving away.

The trial continues tomorrow in the No. 3 Supreme Court before Justice Carlisle Greaves. Kinch is representing himself. Barbados today

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