Biden and Harris release tax returns before presidential debate

(NY DAILY NEWS) – We paid way more taxes than you, Don!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris publicly released their tax returns Tuesday, just hours before the Democratic presidential nominee will spar with President Trump in their crucial debate.

Biden and his wife paid $299,000 to Uncle Sam on nearly $1 million in income in 2019. Harris and her Hollywood attorney husband paid $1.05 million in federal taxes on about $3 million in reported income.

Those payments dwarf by a factor of several hundred times the paltry maximum $750 a year that Trump forked over in the past decade, The New York Times revealed in a bombshell report.

Biden and his running mate posted their 2019 1040′s on his campaign website. They continue to demand that the president do likewise, something he has stubbornly refused to do.

Trump paid no federal taxes at all in many recent years, and took advantage of several deductions of dubious legality, the Times claimed.

Because of the open audit for 2010 detailed in the Times reporting and because the $72.9 million refund that year was connected to tax losses and profits in several other years, it’s possible that the IRS could still audit all the years tied to the large refund. In all likelihood, it’s possible many of the issues are already under review by the IRS in the ongoing audit.

Trump has said he has been continuously under audit for years and that’s why he hasn’t followed the tradition of presidential candidates making their tax returns public. There is no prohibition on Trump releasing his tax forms while the IRS is still examining them.

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