Facebook, Twitter, And Google Implement Election Data Control

The companies did not openly mention a candidate as the cause for these new control methods, but some fear that the republican candidate and current president Donald Trump would take advantage of delayed results because of mail voting or claim himself victorious in anticipation of results.

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“Twitter is where people come to hear directly from elected officials and candidates for office, it’s where they come to find breaking news, and increasingly, it’s an integral source for information on when and how to vote in elections,” the social network directive said.

Twitter would consider fake information and null any tweet prematurely proportioning election results, alleging partial counting, or any other information on behalf of a candidate before the official release of outcomes.

Currently, Twitter is not enforcing the new norms, as the policy intends to prevent that information could cause “immediate harm” during polls. Following this premise, the social platform would start to enforce the new guidelines from September 17.

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