US Democrats Lead Vote-By-Mail Registers in Florida

(TELESUR) – The candidate who wins in this state will receive 29 votes in the electoral college, which ultimately decides the outcome of the presidential elections.

“Democrats have seen significant increases in vote-by-mail in the August primaries and we are prepared to keep our foot on the gas until November,” Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo said, recalling that there are 43 days left until the deadline to request registration ends.

The Democratic Party has strongly defended vote-by-mail voting ballots as a way to prevent COVID-19 infections. Initially, President Donald Trump criticized that option, saying that the results could be manipulated. However, due to the problems his candidacy faces, he ended up recommending voting by mail.

Florida is one state that can tilt the electoral result in favor of one or the other candidate. So far, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has a 7.5-point lead over Trump in voting intentions nationwide. In Florida, however, that advantage is reduced to 3.9 points.

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