More Errors And Mistakes Expected From The NDP Before Election Day

The response from the ULP supporters has sent a shock wave through the NDP camp, this according to the ULP weekly column.

” Friday and company could never imagine that the ULP continues to be strong and is getting stronger every day”.

The party noted that In the meantime, as the campaign gets more robust, the NDP candidates will be making errors after errors, with Friday being unable to provide some leadership, by ensuring that there is disciple in the camp.

So we have the likes of Fitz Bramble talking about a toll road as if this is part of the NDP campaign, and maybe it is. And we have they messy situation in Marriaqua, where a former ULP prospective candidate, Kirk Da Silva, made a mess of the NDP’s campaign strategy, that rendered that party clueless, without any direction.

The party noted that the recent meeting has left Friday with the dubious task of being forced to jettison Phillip Jackson, in favour of the resurrection of Bernard Wyllie.

We expect more and more errors and mistakes from the NDP as the campaign continues, the party noted.

The party stated that the NDP  is not ready for governance in this country. They have no development plan, and no vision.

They talk glibly about giving them a chance so that they can show Vincentians what they can do.

This of course must be a fool’s errand. St. Vincent and the Grenadines cannot be likened to a lotto game, where the people take chances on the election of a government.

We must have clear progressive policies to allow our people to decide. That is what the ULP is offering, a clear progressive development policy, and a qualified group of fifteen gifted candidates to carry out this plan, for the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines the party noted in its weekly column.

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