NDP Spokesman Colin Graham Refers To Vincy Artistes As “Goats”

Activist and spokesperson for the SVG Opposition Party NDP, has referred to Vincentian performing artistes as “Goats”.

Graham’s disappointing statements came following a post by Consul General to Canada, Fitz Huggins.
Huggins’ comment was in response to a recent verbal attack on artist Rondy “Luta” Mc Intosh by the NDP Pro following the release of his latest single, “Ring De Bell”, a song he penned for the ULP’s political campaign.
See Huggins’ comments below:
“How can any serious political party attack artistes for exercising their cultural talents by singing for a party of their choice?
They can’t be serious about the culture by attacking artistes?”
Graham apparently not in favour of the comment had this to say:

Colin Graham

Fitz Huggins

 worthy based on their talent and ability and passion to grow, learn and evolve…you can’t expect to put a goat on stage with no real talent and ability just because they support YOUR PARTY!!!

Graham comments evoked a barrage of comments not favourable to him.

Fitz Huggins

Colin Graham

 you are the one who referred to artistes as goats. I am only repeating and disagreeing with you. How do you think these artistes will take this insult? People are not goats.

Rodney SteelPan Boss Small

Colin Graham

 I love the fact that you are one the only persons I’ve heard touch on the topic of culture ( note I said who I’ve heard) how is the NDP going to do this and it’s a genuine question. Something to add my name was called on an NDP program saying when the NDP win I’ll be going home and how I am too young for the position I am in, you care to comment on this as you’re here.

Hans King

Rondy Luta Mc Intosh

 , I remember when Fabulous T, aka Jeffrey Providence, who sings for the NDP posted on Fb you and Fireman Hooper should be stoned because you sing for the ULP. I put him on blast and he ended up apologising and was all up in my inbox! These people are some bloody hypocrites! I continue to say they have a twisted view of democracy! Apparently its ok for artistes to sing for the NDP but bad for them to sing for the ULP! SMDH!

Clarence Wyllie

Hit them with the Number Luta. I suppose they’re so enthused with the Labour Songs that they must be singing along when they hear them

Graham in response to the barrage of comments said, “the NDP will give all worthy, young and talented cultural artists and individuals equal opportunity to develop express and showcase their talent and not just A SELECT FEW”!

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