NDP PRO – A “Petty Response Officer” Says Press Secretary

Facebook users have accused NDP Pro Lavern King of launching a verbal attack on Soca artiste Rondy “Luta” Mc Intosh for expressing his democratic right in song.

Luta who recently released: “ Ring De Bell”, said the song has literally been causing anxiety for many in the Opposition’s support circles.

In a Facebook post, King had this to say:

Robert Patches King
biigggggg up yuh self!!!!
Yuh inspire the “youngings”
Or should I call it copycat?
Ring it ring it ring it
Who ain’t going to jail they going to hell
Patches yuh sing it best!

In a rebuttal Luta Mc Intosh on his Facebook page posted the following:

“Have you ever seen the PRO of ULP attacking any artiste who sings for the NDP?? She should be spending the time trying to get artistes that are impactful as I am in a campaign to join her team”.
“I don’t even see ULP supporters attacking artistes who sing for the NDP, but as soon as Luta opens his mouth, dey go stone Crazyyyyyy”.
“Maybe she is not enlightened enough to know that singers were singing about “Ring The Bell” long before I and Patches were even born”.

The attack on the artiste also drew sharp criticism from social media users, see below:

Sehon Marshall
The Petty Response Officer (PRO), is doing the only thing she is good at

Franklyn SupaDex Richards
Rondy Luta Mc Intosh
She should be focused on the results. All the bell ringing will be the same result. ULP winning. She has nothing else to do. But the truth is you touched their corn eh.

MissPut ToRight
As the PRO for a mass political party, I don’t think it’s wise to attack any artiste singing for an opposing party because you also have artiste singing for your party. In fact, it is very infantile so to do because ring the bell was around long before patches and Luta and none of them owns that phrase.

I went and listened to both songs and I can guarantee you one thing, the song for Luta is going to be 1000 times more impactful on the campaign trail by getting the youth and undecided votes than patches song ever did.
Be wise in the execution of your duty.

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