Soong Gets SVG Ganja Licence To Open First Cannabis Pharmacy

The government of St Vincent and the Grenadines has given Trinidadian businessman Johnny Soong the green light to start the operations of the country’s first cannabis (ganja or marijuana) pharmacy.

Soong is the chairman and principal investor of Green Lava Labs, the first company to begin legal cannabis cultivation in St Vincent.

Soong has cannabis operations also in Suriname and Jamaica.

A release from the St Vincent Cannabis Authority stated that Green Lava Labs can now procure and dispense medicinal cannabis products legally in the country.

Speaking to the Express by phone, Soong, a well-known entertainment magnate, said the licence to dispense is the first of its kind in St Vincent.

He said Green Lava Labs has been in operation for a year.

“Our goal is really to make the Caribbean a destination point for good medical cannabis,” he said.

He said this is a young industry but it is one that will boom and diversify economies.

“Just imagine how much millions is spent on foreign exchange just on the black market industry in Trinidad. How much is being imported into this country from other places in the world…we certainly not growing that in Trinidad, what people are partaking in is not coming from Trinidad. So think about the millions of dollars in foreign exchange,” he said.

Soong estimated that T&T imports as much as $1 billion in marijuana a year. (Trinidad Express)

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